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A scientific program in dentistry and oral surgery is focused on clinical research with the primary goals being the prevention of disease and the optimization of patient care. This can be accomplished by:

  • Enhancing knowledge of oral anatomy, biology and pathology

  • Development of improved diagnostic and treatment techniques


There are many ways by which new knowledge or expended opportunities for marketing a product can be obtained. The purpose of the corporate section in this website is to facilitate exploration of commercial opportunities in the companion animal dentistry and oral surgery field, and to provide the opportunity for a company to request information on methodology and process appropriate for its current or under-development product lines; this service is provided at no cost. The initial discussion may lead to development of a project specific to that company, which then could be conducted under a fee-for-service arrangement.

"The power of good advice."

The Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) awards its VOHC® Seal of Acceptance to products that meet or exceed the pre-set VOHC efficacy criteria in controlling accumulation of dental plaque and/or tartar (calculus) in dogs and cats. VDOS Consulting can provide well-informed advice on how to conduct studies designed to obtain VOHC Accepted status. Information on obtaining FDA approval of a New Animal Drug Application for a proposed veterinary dental drug is also available.


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